How it all started.....

In a Japanese restaurant in Norwich, on an evening in February 2017, a conversation evolved about careers and how important it is in life to be doing something you are passionate about and which matches up with your own values and skills. Most of our waking hours are spent at work, and what we do as a career can make all the difference to our own mental health and sense of well-being.

How amazing it would be, we said, if we could spread the message that it’s ok to do something you love as a career – to make a hobby into a business, to have more than one job or work part-time and also be self-employed, to take control of your career and enjoy it. And how satisfying it would be to help people achieve this and fulfil their potential.

As a result of that conversation, Compass Careers was born and we both realised that if this was our view, we were going to have to live it out ourselves - so we took the plunge and started meeting regularly to discuss how Compass Careers could work. We knew we wanted to do one-to-one career coaching with people but we also began to reflect on how busy life has become and how years can pass in a flash without much consideration given to our careers. As well as the careers field, both of us have a lot of experience in leading groups on trips and holidays and we thought it would be great to take people out of their busy lives, to a beautiful location in the UK and give them some time and space to reflect on their career direction and purpose in life as well as having a chance to relax and connect with others in a similar position. We are happy to say that we are now putting all these discussions into reality and have already arranged a great venue for our first Discovery Break on the beautiful North Norfolk coast. Actually, it just so happens to be Brexit weekend! So if you fancy a break from Brexit and/or want to consider your next steps as a result of it all, do come and join us!