Goodbye detox, hello to a new you!

The decorations are packed away and you’re still getting Christmas tree needles out of the carpet, 2019 has arrived, and with it resolutions that this will be the year you change things up and create a ‘new you’. It’s time for a detox. Or, is it?

Many of the detox products on offer don’t come cheap, and experts argue that they can even be detrimental to your health; at best making you feel sluggish and miserable, at worst creating harmful imbalances in your body. Dr. Steven Novella, clinical neurologist at Yale University, explains what he calls the ‘detox scam’ by saying “our liver and kidneys, if they are healthy, will detox fine. That’s what they are for.”

Statistics show that sadly our new year resolutions, however well-intended, have fallen by the wayside for over two-thirds of us by Valentine’s Day, and gyms, which see memberships spike by up to 40% at New Year find that 80% of members who join in January quit within five months.

Maybe it’s time to make a real, lasting change that will make you feel like a new you both inside and out. Without job satisfaction, life becomes a grind and it’s hard to find the motivation to get up and start another day. Your career can affect your mental well-being, happiness and all-round health. Compass Careers can help you kick start your 2019 – why not join us on one of our upcoming 3-day Discovery Breaks, give yourself some ‘you time’ and re-evaluate where you’re headed in your career this year?

Once you are doing a job you enjoy, and which fits your natural talents and abilities, then you are on the path to a great year and a happier you. So, why not ditch the cauliflower smoothies (go on, admit it, you never really loved them anyway!) and instead make some key decisions which will positively impact your life not just for the next twelve months but into the future.